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Quality of our hand painted tiles

In Hand painted tiles Demosaica, due to the huge level of attention to detail that is paid to the production of our artisan tiles, the standard of quality is extremely high.

Technical Characteristics

Production processes

  • The base used is a classic compound of clay with an ideal composition for excellent mechanical resistance and geometric form.
  • The substrate is prepared by the dry traditional form of pressing.
  • Firstly it is put into the tunnel kiln on a slow cycle .
  • Selection of the block/slab.
  • The tile is then manually glazed and decorated.
  • It is again put into the electric oven on a slow cycle.
  • Visual inspection of the quality of the finished product.
  • The glazed surface of the tiles has a high aesthetic appeal and they are particularly suited to both interior and exterior wall covering.


  • The final evaluation of the resistance of the surface to abrasion and scratching is determined by the result of tests, knowledge and experience gained over many years of manufacturing and the laying of tiles in a variety of climates and conditions.
  • It is not recommended to use the tiles in ice zones.
  • Our tiles have been specifically designed for wall cladding and if used for flooring, should only be laid in "traffic light" areas i.e. areas of low footfall such as private bathrooms, porches and patios.

Cracking or Crazing

  • The phenomenon of crazing is traditionally inherent in almost all enamel, but to which it grants a unique and peculiar depth.
  • Crazing does not affect the durability of the tiles, as it can be seen in tiles today in various locations in Spain which that been in place since the 12th and 13th centuries. Examples include Alhambra in Granada and Alcazar in Seville.
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